Ancillary 5-Pack / Minisæt

Ancillary 5-Pack / Minisæt. 5x 125ml

Pre and Post waxing



This 5-pack has a small 125ml spray bottle of all your pre and post waxing essentials. Ideal for therapists on the go! It contains:

  •         125ml Pre Wax Cleanser to cool and clean the skin prior to waxing
  •         125ml Quick Dry Mist to instantly touch-dry the wax
  •         125ml After Wax Cleanser to remove wax residue as well as soothe the skin after waxing
  •         125ml Wax Remover Citrus Clean to remove sticky wax from salon equipment
  •         125ml Hand and Body Sanitising Gel to kill 99.9% of all germs in less than 20 seconds


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